Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Elegy Podcast

I haven't forgetten the poetry podcast. In honor of November being Holy Souls month, the next one will be Rainer Maria Rilke's First Elegy from the Duino Elegies. Here's an excerpt.

The First Elegy from The Duino Elegies

It is truly strange to no longer inhabit the earth,
to no longer practice customs barely acquired,
not to give a meaning of human futurity
to roses, and other expressly promising things:
no longer to be what one was in endlessly anxious hands,
and to set aside even one’s own
proper name like a broken plaything.
Strange: not to go on wishing one’s wishes. Strange
to see all that was once in place, floating
so loosely in space. And it’s hard being dead,
and full of retrieval, before one gradually feels
a little eternity. Though the living
all make the error of drawing too sharp a distinction.
Angels (they say) would often not know whether
they moved among living or dead. The eternal current
sweeps all the ages, within it, through both the spheres,
forever, and resounds above them in both.

Relics of St. Andrew at Sant'Andrea, Amalfi, Italy

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