Friday, April 13, 2007

What She Has

Her hands were clutching a prayerbook that was crisp and new, the gilded letters glowing in the eastern morning light which bathed the church. She sat hunched over in prayer as we daily communicants filed past her to receive the Body of Christ.

Here was a new face at daily Mass and instinctively, I knew that she must have been my early morning appointment.

"To whom it may concern," began the e-mail. "I would like to become a Catholic. Please tell me how." We made arrangements to meet this morning after Mass.

As I moved past her pew, I realized, here was not a casual seeker. If one can sense desire, hers was there in spades.

After Mass, I approached her and her companion who turned out to be her mother. I shook her mother's hands and noticed that she was struggling to maintain her equilibrium. No, this was not a casual decision on her daughter's part. I was intrigued.

"May I see the confessionals?" the daughter asked. What an unusual place to start a church tour. As we neared the confessional booths, mother and daughter walked slowly with a hushed reverence.

Did lightning strike? Because I certainly felt a powerful jolt at the moment...that I was witnessing something holy and powerful happening with these two people. I stopped in my tracks, feeling a bit of a voyeur.

At the end of the tour, I asked the daughter what drew her to the Catholic Church.

She looked at her mother with all the tender love and said, "She just became a Catholic this past weekend. And she's so happy. I want what she has."

I have been a practicing Christian all my life and I don't ever remember a time when I wasn't aware of walking before God. But at that moment, I fell in love all over again. And it was because of a young woman's desire to know God and become part of this mystical body. I hope I never grow weary of sharing this Faith.


DimBulb said...

Hi Argent,

Exactly how many hours do you have in your day? Most people barely manage with 24.

Argent said...

Hi, Dim.

I practice the loaves-and-fish principle with my day. :P